Dog Clothing for a Small Dogs

When people talk about dog clothing, small dogs come readily to mind. One reason small dogs are more frequently dressed in clothing is their size. They are easy to manipulate and control. Their weight makes them easy to lift and carry. When they are dressed in their outfits, their tiny sizes add to their adorable appeal.
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Things to Think About

Proper fit is important. If the outfit doesn't fit your dog properly, it won't look right. It can also cause health and safety issues for your dog. Dog clothing that is too tight and be uncomfortable and restrictive. If it is too loose, the dog will wriggle out of it or become ensnared in it.

Weather or environmental conditions can make an outfit too hot for the dog. If temperatures are too warm, the dog can overheat and over a period of time, may become dehydrated. Make sure the dog is comfortable and remove the outfit if the dog becomes too hot.

Casual Outfits

Tess, jerseys, sweaters and coats are common everyday wear for small dogs. Caps, hats, collars are also common clothing options. Boots or shoes can be added to give a casual look some or to finish off a sporty look.

Spruce It Up

Formal occasions require formal wear. Evening gowns, veils and hair bows can show off a little lady's special personality. Pin-striped suits, tuxedos and top hats make you dog look dapper. Collars with either neck ties or bow ties add a pinch of pizzazz. Even cuffs worn at the ankles can give a pooch a polished look.

Specialty Items

In addition to everyday wear or formal attire, there are specialty items you may want to find for your small dog. Sports fans and college alumni might want dog clothing that commemorates their team or school. If your pet has to take his walks in rainy weather, a rain coat could come in handy to help keep him warm and dry. Turtleneck sweaters and hoodies are also nice to have when the weather gets nippy. For pet owners who take their pooches with when they jog, a jumpsuit makes your little darling feel extra compatible. If you really want something unique, you can always look into having something custom made to fit your small dog. Fabrics, colors, designs and sizes can all be adapted for your pup's special needs or special occasion.    
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